Watch Your Step!!!

I do a lot of appraisals for people refinancing their house.

Just as many people use FHA (government-guaranteed) loans to refinance as they do to buy homes. And with the recently-lowered Mortgage Insurance rates, I expect to see even more.

FHA/HUD has tougher requirements for their lending than banks who do conventional loans. As an appraiser it’s my job (and duty), while doing an appraisal, to identify things that could cause harm to an individual or damage to the house if it isn’t repaired.

Here is an example of such a problem:

This seems dangerous to me!

The door pictured above is a good six feet off the ground.

This house was built in 1972 and has never had a deck installed... and there is no rule that says a deck needs to be there. But, this is clearly a risk that could cause an individual harm!

This problem can be corrected by simply attaching a railing to the door casing that prevents anyone from stepping through the door (and breaking their legs!).

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