Buying the Recession-Proof House

How to Stop 'Hunting' and Start Appraising Houses

  • Know what makes a house valuable and especially what doesn't!
  • An appraiser with over 20 years' experience tells it like it is.
  • 70-page guide will save you time, money and anguish when choosing your next home.
  • Don't be stuck in a house you can't sell when your Dream Home becomes available.

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We read this book after already starting to look around at homes to buy… Man - did it change our perspective! My wife and I both read it and it was immediately impactful. The next weekend we went out we were so much more critical of what we were looking for in our next home. Thanks Paul!

Matt N Matt N
Home Buyer and Coffee Roaster

Prior to buying our first home, I thought I knew enough to find a home that would hold its value over time. However, I see after reading this book that there's far more to it than I thought - and even a formula to buying a recession-proof home. One thing's for sure: thanks to this book, our next house will definitely be a recession-proof one.

Ryan N Ryan N
Recent First-Time Homebuyer and Newlywed

Buying a house can be very intimidating, especially with all of the factors you're not even aware of. I mean, who can you trust to bring you up-to-speed without their own interests coming into play?

After I read this, I felt like I was knowledgable enough to talk with professionals in the industry. I got the confidence I needed to feel secure in making one of the biggest decisions of my life.

Ricky C Ricky C
Homeowner and Actor