Best Time of Year to Buy? The “Black Friday” of House Shopping

Black Friday is now behind us and we’re in the CyberShopping Week following Thanksgiving.

Just like with retail, there is a best time to Buy a House – and it’s Now… when nobody else is doing it.

While most folks are busy making holiday cheer, some motivated sellers still need to sell their house, right now. Hopefully our advice saves you from ever being in this position yourself, but there’s good news if you’re in the market to Buy:

Now’s the time!

The competition from other buyers is low, and the sellers who have listings are ready to deal (they didn’t Buy the Recession-Proof House).

If you’ve prepared yourself with a solid education and plan for how to Buy a GOOD house, and do it WELL, then there’s no better time than between now and New Year’s to make it happen.

Here’s to your success!

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