Why We are Here:

To educate you in how to achieve the American Dream of Homeownership - and preventing it from becoming a nightmare.

" H O M E "

The word implies a safe place; a place you want to be; and it is something almost everyone wants to own.

Home ownership is a critical element in The American Dream.

Homes come in different shapes and sizes. The neighborhoods which houses are in are also unique and the cities and towns the neighborhoods are in add another layer of diversity and flavor.

On top of all of these physical factors is the emotional association we all have with 'home.'

Home is a safe place. Our dream home is even better. It’s like our own little heaven.

We also invest in our homes. We paint and plant trees and update bathrooms and sometimes even build additions.

Most of us also pay mortgages.

Homes are the largest investment we will make in our lifetimes. And unlike fluctuating stock or bond or mutual fund investments, we expect our homes to go up in value.

As we saw in the real estate market crash of 2008 - that doesn’t always happen.

A record number of people lost their homes to that housing crash. Some people who could still afford to pay their mortgage walked away from their house anyway, because their loan amount was higher than the value of the house  ...and would stay that way for the foreseeable future.

But some people’s homes kept their value while houses around them dropped.

We know why.

And we want to help.

The real estate industry is constantly fluctuating - between economics and politics and, most importantly, loan programs - the markets, laws, rules-of-thumb, and information are constantly changing.

The people in the industry are also constantly changing. There are new Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Loan Officers, Home Inspectors and Loan Underwriters every year and most of them, unfortunately, just won’t make it in that career.  Sometimes, even the “experienced” professionals don't inspire our full confidence that they know what they’re doing.

So how do you know who to work with -  who to trust - to guide you through this complicated landscape throughout which you'll spread your hard-earned money?

Don’t get us wrong, we believe that all of those people are important to a successful real estate transaction. And most of them are just doing their job the best way they know how to.

REOT just wants to help you get the best people on your team and the get the most out of each of them... They are, after all, getting paid.

The internet has had a dramatic affect on real estate. When it comes to finding a house, you can get most of the important information needed to make a decision without leaving your computer or mobile device.

That is MOST of the important information.

Just to be clear, we do NOT want to be your real estate agent or loan officer or appraiser. The truth is, unless you live in Colorado, we can’t anyway.

But we can help.

The information REOT shares is universal. Every property is unique but the approaches we take to determining the values of properties can be adapted to any part of the world.

The members of REOT have been part of thousands of real estate transactions from home sales to refinancing to investment properties and have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your home-buying questions.

Let REOT help you save money and time the next time you buy a home.

Paul... Kind-of-a-Bad-Ass in Real Estate

Paul Rodriguez has been a real estate appraiser in Colorado since 1992. He has appraised over 6,000 properties ranging from small condominiums to 4-unit buildings to residential horse property and was rated in the top 3% of appraisers in the State by an underwriting group in 2000.

Paul has trained dozens of other appraisers for his and other appraisal companies. Most have gone on to open their own small appraisal shops around the U.S.

In 2001 he helped identify three potential multi-unit residential properties for a group of California investors looking at the Colorado market. Impressed with his skills, the following year they paid for his education to get his real estate broker license and then transacted with him the purchase of over $1 million worth of investment property. When the investors sold those properties 3 years later, they were valued at over $2 million.

His knowledge and professionalism are matched by his ethics. His refusal to over-value properties in the slow refinance years of the mid-2000s resulted in the loss of a couple unscrupulous clients. Those were tumultuous years leading up to the crash; appraisers were often pressured to bend to the demands of commission-motivated mortgage brokers when valuing properties. Those lenders were a big part of the housing crash in 2008 and are no longer in business.

In an interesting twist, Paul ended up as a contractor for the US government's Federal Housing Administration in 2010. They were investigating the flood of bad loans the FHA had guaranteed during the 2000s (anyone remember "TARP"?). Paul helped to gather evidence to make sure the costs for bad loans did not go to the American taxpayers. His work assured that the lending institutions that behaved badly were forced to take financial responsibility and buy back their loans. Their poorly-documented loans and the poorly-appraised properties became their problem - not yours and mine.

As a result, Paul's reputation remains strong. He is still praised for his work on unique real estate and investment properties. He specializes in residential properties and hopes the information is helpful to all real estate buyers.

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